Io Also known as: The Concordant Dragon, The Great Eternal Wheel , Swallower of Shades, The Ninefold Dragon

Alignment: Neutral

Symbol: A multi-colored metallic disk

Worshipers: Dragons

Clerical Alignments: All

Domains: Dragon, Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Travel, Wealth

Favored Weapon: Scimitar (claw)

Io is neutral because he encompasses ALL alignments within his aspects. He can appear as any dragon type from the smallest pseudodragon to the largest great wyrm.

Io cares only for his children the dragons and their existence in the world. He seldom chooses sides in their struggles unless not doing so would imperil the continued survival of his children.

Clergy: Io has very few followers due to his aloof perspective. There are a few that follow due to his position among the Dragon Gods


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