Bahamut Also known as: The Platinum Dragon, The King of the Good Dragons, Lord of the North Wind

Symbol: Star above a milky nebula

Alignment: Lawful Good

Worshipers: Good Dragons, any seeking protection from Evil Dragons

Clerical Alignments: LG, NG

Domains: Air, Dragon, Good, Luck, Protection, (Nobility, Storm)

Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick (bite)

Bahamut is revered by all good dragons and even respected by most evil dragons for his power and wisdom.

In his Natural Form he his a long and sinuous dragon covered in silver – white scales with deep blue eyes.

Bahamut is STRICTLY good and does not tolerate acts of evil. He has a very sympathetic demeanor toward the downtrodden and hopeless. He shuns violence and aggression even when it serves his own purpose. He prefers things be fair and balanced.

Clergy: Only Good clerics are allowed to serve Bahamut. His followers should strive toward subtle action for good.

Bahamut’s primary foe is Tiamet and this enmity is shared by both gods followers.


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